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Check out all the resources for each course below - remember you can use as many or as few as you like - and you have one month to access them.

Adult Learning Component  Learning and Training Tools  Ideas on how to use - all are optional and stand alone 
1. Training and Coaching Resources Slideshow
Trainer Notes
Learner Notes
Use the online Slideshow and Learner Notes to simply learn the course material.

Or use the online Slideshow and Trainer Notes to guide you through the preparation and delivery of a training or coaching session.
Print off copies of the Learner Notes for your participants.
2. Assessments (Level 1) Quick Quiz Use this quick quiz to test yourself or your team on their understanding of the key principles within the course.

If you are delivering training, provide copies to the participants at the end of the session or at a follow up session to continue the learning.
  Assessments (Level 2) Case Studies The case studies are specifically designed using real life examples to encourage learners to apply their knowledge and demonstrate their competence in the module.

If you are the Learner, print off copies for yourself and work through.

If you are delivering training, provide your team with copies of the case studies.

The case studies can be completed as part of a formal session or in your participant’s own time.

Case Study Answers Once you or your team have completed the case studies, use the case study answers for guidance.

Spend time talking through your team’s answers. You may wish to do this in a group or individual setting.
3. Learning Resources &
Learning Transfer Tools
Checklists 1,2,3
The checklists provide a quick reference of facts relating to sections within the module – or ask you a set of questions designed to help and remind you of the key points to think about “in the moment”.

Print off for yourself or for your team so that on the job recall and learning transfer occurs.
  Final Tips Handout A quick reference handout, summarising the key tips within the module.

This will assist back in the workplace as a last minute or crisis guide - if a situation starts to unfold, which you are not prepared for and need fast help with!
  On the job Learning Plan You and your team can use this form as a Learning Measurement Tool.
Measure what has been learnt from this module and put into practice back in the workplace - and what results have been achieved.
The form should be handed out at the end of the module.
  Action Plan
You or your team can use this form to make notes during the training session.

Ask them to jot down any specific actions that they may want to take or facts that they want to remember when they return to the workplace.
  Reading and Resource List
This list provides additional resources to increase knowledge on the subject further.

There is a combination of reading, quotes, DVD or YouTube clip for a bit of fun, more ideas for learning.
4. Administration Forms Training Evaluation Form

Certificate of Completion

Use this form to get feedback from the participants and evaluate your training session.

Provide copies to the participants and ask them to complete the form at the end of the session. (Not applicable if you are the Learner.)

Provide your participants with this certificate upon completion of the training session.  You will just need to insert the names of your participants into the certificate before printing copies.

You may also complete this for yourself if you are the Learner, and attach to your resume!  Show your employers you are self-driven and a keen learnerl
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