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In summary the Just in Time® Learning system designed to help you:  

    Coach or mentor your team
    Train your team
    Update your own skills

You can use the course tools and resources however you wish to suit your needs.  We have listed some ideas below to guide you:

Possible Needs & Ideas  How We Can Help You?
Knowledge "in the moment"

Got a problem?
Need to make a quick decision?
What do you or your team need to know right now - in the moment?

Use our online learning resources - Fingertip Checklists, On line Slideshows, Training Notes, Tips sheets - All within seconds!

All designed using Adult Learning Principles every step of the way
Train, Coach or Mentor quickly!

Is your team reaching the highest level of performance?
Need to train more?
No money to do this?
Or got a team member who needs help and coaching right now?

Quickly look up what you need and be ready in 5 minutes to share knowledge!
Use our Slideshows, Trainer Notes and Checklists - all ready to go to deliver a great training session to your team!

We even tell you what to say and what questions to ask!
No more boring team meetings please!

Want to inspire your team, motivate them and stretch them?
Want to improve their performance?
Want to improve engagement levels and reduce staff turnover?

Add Learning, variety and inspiration to your team meetings.
Perhaps run through a quick slide show
Do a quick quiz or case study with your team
Hand out some checklists and quick tips

Engage and Inspire your team!
Reach Your Potential!

Not sure if your skills are up to date?
Want to refresh?
Need more confidence in your abilities?
Or want to progress your career and get that new job or promotion?

Check, refresh and update your skills.
Find out if your skills are up to date in minutes
Use our slideshows, quick quizzes and case studies to refresh and learn.

Very low investment in time and cost to get ahead!
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